Installation, configuration and maintenance of computers, servers and networks.
System and network administration.
Hosting servers with WHM / Cpanel, Dedicated, VPS, Linux (CentOS Linux).
Support for servers in Rackspace, Amazon, Digital Ocean, CloudAtCost, Hetzner, OVH, Limestone networks and more.
Support for DNS, e-mail, web, mysql, ftp, samba, firewall, VPN and more.
Support for servers with Apache (nginx) + PHP (php-fpm) + MySQL / MariaDB. Performance tinning.
Accelerate Websites and Servers. Configure web servers that support http / 2 (h2), SSL 1.3, webp and more.
Experience with domain, site, hosting, server and service migration.
Protection against spam and viruses.
Selling and configuring SSL certificates for servers, electronic signatures and more.
DKIM, SPF, DMARC configuration. Sell ​​and configure domains with any extensions.


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