Web site design

Designing any kind of website for you and your business. Fast sites, new technologies, own cms administration module. We cover search engine and user requirements for quality, relevance, popularity and speed.


SEO optimization

SEO and marketing are some of the best ways to make a profitable return on your investment, as well as a surefire way to your online business success. SEO is a must have if you want to be successful and popular!

Installation, configuration and maintenance of computers, servers and networks.
System and network administration.
Hosting servers with WHM / Cpanel, Dedicated, VPS, Linux (CentOS Linux).
Support for servers in Rackspace, Amazon, Digital Ocean, CloudAtCost, Hetzner, OVH, Limestone networks and more.
Support for DNS, e-mail, web, mysql, ftp, samba, firewall, VPN and more.
Support for servers with Apache (nginx) + PHP (php-fpm) + MySQL / MariaDB. Performance tinning.
Accelerate Websites and Servers. Configure web servers that support http / 2 (h2), SSL 1.3, webp and more.
Experience with domain, site, hosting, server and service migration.
Protection against spam and viruses.
Selling and configuring SSL certificates for servers, electronic signatures and more.
DKIM, SPF, DMARC configuration. Sell ​​and configure domains with any extensions.
About us

As long-time professionals, everyone in our field, we draw on our experience and gain new knowledge from the best in the world industry, as well as through professional experiments.

 We collect and analyze all available information about the task submitted. We prepare the technical and conceptual specifications of the project, describing the purpose of the product and its functional requirements.

 We offer our customers the best in our options, designs and programming language.

 We create the product itself under the guidance of the project manager, with designers, programmers, seo optimizers and, if necessary, copywriters involved in the work process.

 At the end of the product's production, before its final presentation through the client, stress tests, final checks and elimination of possible bugs are made.

 At the request of the client, we take care of the marketing strategy of the finished product.

(Professional web site design from ...... with innovative design, functionality and fast loading speed. Reliable support, individuality and quality content. Guaranteed results and affordable prices. Consult our team! High level of security. We use up-to-date technologies and methodologies that guarantee the security of information on your website.)


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